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a crafty killing
A Crafty Killing
Publisher: Berkley
(February 1, 2011)
ISBN-10: 0425239853
ISBN-13: 978-0425239858

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"Interesting characters, growing interrelationships, plausible reasons for crime and an amateur to get involved in finding the answers--it's like visiting friends and having an adventure rolled into one book after another."
-Gumshoe Review



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A Crafty Killing:
Young widow Katie Bonner discovers the body of Ezra Hilton, who ran the local artisan cooperative like his own fiefdom. Katie has little reason to mourn Ezra, who convinced her late husband to invest in the Artisans' Alley before he was killed. Ezra's will makes Katie the controlling partner in the enterprise--much to the chagrin of his nephew, who comes to town hell-bent on collecting money as quickly as possible...and barely arrives before one of the vendors also ends up dead. The entire co-op is in an uproar, and it seems like the detective in charge of the investigation does everything except investigate the murder. Everyone from the village's lawyer to the Internet entrepreneur had motive to want Ezra dead, and it's up to Katie to find out who before more of her vendors die.

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